It all started with Professor Choy Jin-ho’s delivery system discovery of Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) technology.

Hello everyone, I am thrilled to introduce you to Vitabrid C12 - a discovery that will change your world.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering (Material Engineering) at Tokyo Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in Science (Inorganic Chemistry) at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

He’s a former professor at the Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University as well as the Vice-president at Ehwa Women’s University.

Dr. Choy is currently Honorary Professor at the Department of Chemical Nanoscience, Ehwa Women’s University, and also a member of the National Academy of Sciences, South Korea. He was awarded an Academy Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor from the French government (Ordre des Palmes academiques) as well as awarded Fellow of the England Royal Society of Chemistry.

 - Professor Choy Jin-ho, Vitabrid C12 Inventor

The key to the development of Vitabrid C12 is called LDH, also known as a Layered Double Hydroxide. This technology was developed for the application of this nanomaterial as a drug delivery system and it was the first of its kind. Later, the technology was published in Angewandte Chemi, a famous German chemistry journal, as well as in the academic journal “Nature.”

LDH Technology was selected as one of the eight most innovative technologies in the world by the American Chemical Society. This breakthrough led to researching it for skincare products. And thus Vitabrid C12 was born!

Vitabrid C12 was invented with a hybrid of vitamins and minerals.

"Vitamin C is an incredible ingredient and most global cosmetic companies made it with a vitamin C derivative since there was no technology that could stabilize pure vitamin C. So I realized that I could use LDH technology to stabilize vitamin C."

"Vitabrid CG is a bioactive substance that combines vitamin C and minerals to form a hybrid. That is how I came up with the name Vitabrid C12. I have devoted my life’s research to creating hybrids and my hope is that Vitabrid C12 will improve everyone’s health and beauty the world over."

Vitabrid CG is one of the world's top eight innovative technologies. 

Awarded the Monde Selection Grand Gold Award for 2 consecutive years

The advanced bio-convergence technology that made Vitabrid C was selected as one of the most innovative technologies in the world (2001 MRS Highlights Innovations) by the Journal of the American Chemical Society. In addition, at Cosmoprof (right photo) held in Hong Kong with more than 670 companies from all over the world, Vitabrid C12 was well received. We have been expanding development globally in the U.S., E.U. and Japan.

Safe ingredients for all products

“Vitabrid C12” was published in ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary). Vitabrid C also successfully passed all 5 tests from the Korea Testing and Research Institute (Acute toxicity test, skin irritation, ingestion test, eye contact test, cytotoxicity).

Q. How safe and stable is this product for my skin?

A: We take the most careful precautions and conduct extensive quality control during both the manufacturing and filling processes to ensure safety and uniformity. Vitabrid C is purified with triple filters for higher purity.

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