Scalp Care


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You invest in the skin on your face and body, so why should scalp care fall to the wayside? After all, a healthy scalp equals lustrous locks, and that’s something everyone can get on board with. Just like your skin requires collagen to keep wrinkles at bay, your scalp requires it to prevent hair loss. That’s why we decided to develop a hair care system that does so much more than a basic cleansing shampoo ever could. Harnessing the power of stabilized vitamin C, our hair tonic, scalp shampoo, and purifying and deep cleaning shampoo shots represent the ultimate scalp treatment.

Additional results-driven ingredients such as pink Himalayan sea salt, bamboo charcoal, baobab oil, peptides, vitamin B complex, salicylic acid, and biotin work synergistically to deep clean, soothe, and moisturize the scalp. These ingredients also decongest pores and eliminate flaking and itchiness, resulting in stronger and more voluminous tresses. But it doesn’t stop there. By using the products regularly, you can also slow down the aging of your scalp and prevent hair loss, which makes this line of products suitable for everyone. You’re familiar with the power of our skincare products, so now it’s time to give vitamin C for your scalp and hair a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but some strands if you don’t.