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Skin Care With the introduction of skincare brand Vitabrid, Hyundai Bioscience offers a revolutionized form of active Vitamin C throughout a range of skin care and hair care products.

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We know you have a lot of skincare products to choose from, and while we may be biased, we’d like to believe we can offer you some of the best formulas on the market. Why? Because we began as a biotech company, which means we’re able to use the same patented technology originally developed for our drug delivery systems in all of our skincare. We’re talking about a stabilized and active form of vitamin C that brightens, hydrates, protects against environmental stressors, and defies your age.

Vitabrid’s vitamin C skincare has won awards, garnered the interest of beauty gurus, and continues to be a favorite of the press. And because we believe a skincare routine should be effective without being overwhelming, we only offer eight products. While each one is its own powerhouse, magic happens when they’re used together. Combine the Face Brightening Powder with the Eye & Face Cream to replenish and brighten your skin all day long. Whether it’s the Dual Drop Vitamin C Serum to reduce fine lines, nourish, firm, and brighten over time, or the popular Dual Mask that will plump and illuminate in a matter of minutes, the results speak for themselves. Are you ready to see what all the hype is about?