Skin Care Science: Vitamin C Technology

Vitamin C is well-known for delivering multiple skin care benefits. The only problem is that it’s a notoriously unstable ingredient, and Vitabrid’s unique technology delivers the solution.

Skin Care

It all comes down to LDH (Layered Double Hydroxide) Technology. Vitamin C is delivered in between layers of zinc oxide, a skin-friendly mineral, resulting in Vitabrid CG, a stabilized and highly effective form of powerful Vitamin C that is continuously released into the deepest layers of the skin for over 12 hours. Stabilized. Continuously delivered. Deep penetrating. This is what sets the Vitabrid C12 products apart.

Scalp Care

Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis in the skin, but don’t forget that the scalp is skin too. This means Vitamin C is effective in both skin and scalp care. With collagen deficiency being one of the major causes of hair loss, Vitabrid’s scalp care products deliver multiple benefits for a healthier scalp.


Peptibrid applies the same principles of stabilization, sustained release, and deeper penetration into the skin to peptides, rather than vitamin C. The result? Improved purity and penetration of peptides that targets anti-aging by boosting collagen synthesis for smoother, less wrinkled skin.

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