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Upgrade your Skincare with Versatile Vitamin C

Finally, a way to add more stabilized Vitamin C to any skincare routine.

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"This product revolutionized my face routine"

4.1/5 — 11,418 Reviews

This Exclusive Offer reflects our confidence in Vitabrid’s FACE Brightening Powder.

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80% Off

  • 1st Month (80% off)
  • $13.60
  • Following Months (20% off)
  • $54.40
  • 1st Month (80% off)
  • Following Months (20% off)
  • $13.60
  • $54.40

mix n' match

This product is amazing, I mixed it with my daily moisturizer and the results speak for themselves. Add this to your skin care regimen - you'll be glad you did!”

Whitney L.., 01/15/2020 - Vitabrid Verified Customer


Real Results

Our proprietary Vitamin C formulation helps brighten and improve complexion while delivering anti-aging benefits leaving youthful, radiant looking skin.

Customized skincare

Unique technology

Global loyalty

Boosts collagen

Brightens skin

Reduces wrinkles

Clinically Proven Results

Kirei Testing Labs

How to use

Mix With Your Skincare Product of Choice

Step 1.

Mix an appropriate amount with your daily skincare product of choice.

Step 2.

Smooth the mixture onto a clean face and neck.

Tip: For best results apply twice daily, morning and evening.

unique technology

Stabilization Sets Vitabrid Apart

It's a miracle ingredient, but skincare enthusiasts are well aware of the inherently volatile and unstable nature of Vitamin C. Vitabrid's cutting-edge technology has overcome this challenge unlocking Vitamin C's full potential.

Stabilized Formulation - Vitabrid CG

Unique hybrid LDH technology encapsulates and stabilizes active Vitamin C in between skin-friendly mineral layers.

12-Hour Vitamin C Delivery

Vitamin C is continuously delivered deep into the skin over 12 hours for optimal results.

Global Media Recognition

“A new form of vitamin C that promised to actually brighten skin and, after a few weeks of testing, has delivered real results.”

Monica Kim, Vogue

"Become a mix-master by blending Vitabrid C12’s FACE Brightening into your existing moisturizer or serum."

Alix Strauss, nytimes.com

“Selected as one of the best vitamin C skin-care products for brighter, younger-looking skin.”

Melanie Rud Chadwick, shape.com


Hear from our customers

Monique Dias


Easy to mix

This unique form of stabilized vitamin C can be easily mixed into your current skincare routine, so it would be great if you can use it with any of the products you currently use to highlight how customizable it is!

Date: 03/21/2021


Amely Pauline Chancellor

Skincare Esthetician

Begone uneven skin!

Vitabrid's Face Brightening Powder has revolutionized the appearance of my extremely uneven skin tone over the past few weeks of consistent use!

Date: 07/02/2021



Verified Customer

Found a miracle in a box

I received this product in a beauty subscription box and decided to give it a go. One month after using it only once a day at night, it has drastically brightened and evened out my skin tone! It's an absolute miracle!

Date: 12/04/2021

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