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Aspire to have glowing skin and lustrous locks? Of course you do, but instead of looking for a quick fix, look to a long-term solution with our stabilized vitamin C products. Sure, you’ve probably heard about vitamin C benefits for the skin and hair, but let’s talk about why we’re different. Thanks to our roots as a biotech company, we’re able to use the same bio-fusion technology developed for drug delivery systems for our skin and hair care products. This means you’re getting the highest concentration of vitamin C possible.

So, what does vitamin C do for your skin and hair? Vitamin C for skin protects against free radicals (think pollution, sun, second-hand smoke), helps the body repair damaged skin cells, supports the skin’s natural aging process, evens out the skin tone, firms and tightens, and softens fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C for hair is crucial because it helps to promote collagen synthesis in the scalp, an essential component of our hair structure that promotes hair growth. Collagen also helps inhibit hair loss, which can happen at any age due to hormonal changes, stress, and diet. You don’t need a ton of products to see results — you just need the right ones. Get ready to “C” the difference in your skin and scalp.