Hyundai IBT, the dedicated team of scientists, researchers and engineers behind Vitabrid, has made creating proprietary drug delivery systems our mission. Over 70 patents later, we have pioneered ionic exchange technologies that have revolutionized how medications can be delivered through the skin, guaranteeing more effective and measurable outcomes than ever before.

This new technology specializes in delivering Vitamin C in between botanically sourced nutrients  to provide the most advantages of topically applied Vitamin C, which is easily rendered ineffective when exposed to sunlight, moisture, and/or heat, and continuously releases active Vitamin C to penetrate deep into the skin for over 12 hours with a single application.

By assisting Vitamin C to cross the dermal barrier without worrying about these factors, our formula provides results in as little as 2 weeks of regular use.

Our innovations have been featured in global periodicals and journals, including:

Vitamin C is
Nature's "Most Powerful"
Vitamin for healing

It has been well known for years that Vitamin C has the power to heal the body quickly, and has hundreds of benefits to your overall wellness.

Vitamin C makes skin healthy and radiant by neutralizing the damaging effects of free-radical and environmental exposure from the sun, stress, and pollution, helping to  prevent and repair visible signs of aging. Application of topical Vitamin C showed proven reduction of UV-induced redness, aging and sunspots.

It affects everything from making collagen, the protein that firms the skin, giving that youthful and healthy appearance, to healing wounds and making new red blood cells.

Vitabrid C¹²

Brand New Vitamin C

The problem historically has been that less than 1% of Vitamin C taken orally reaches the skin, as your body loses it through sweat and water loss. Vitabrid C¹² aims to change that—by allowing highly activated Vitamin C to reach the deepest layers of the skin through topical application right over problem areas for effective, proven results in just 2 weeks of regular use.

Vitamin C gets oxidized easily
and loses its power

Your body’s naturally protective outer layer of skin, the epidermis, can act as a barrier to effective delivery of topically applied treatments and medications.  Additional factors to effective, quantifiable results include environmental toxins and exposure. Vitamin C’s amazing health benefits can be muted by these problems, a challenge that researchers have sought to resolve for decades prior to Hyundai’s innovative Vitabrid CG delivery system.

How Vitabrid C Works

Our Proprietary Organic-Inorganic Compounds Complex LDH
(Layered Double Hydroxide) Technology
※8 most innovative technologies (2001, MRS)

Vitabrid CG stores and preserves active Vitamin C within skin-friendly mineral layers; once it is applied to the skin, it has been proven to release verifiable amounts of active Vitamin C continuously for over 12 hours, permeating through the skin layers down to the dermis.  This leads to more effective wound healing and prevention of the signs of aging:  wrinkles, sunspots, fine lines and creases.

Vitabrid C works with your body’s natural abilities, and allows the body to heal itself from the inside out:  transforming the appearance of these signs of aging and giving our customers long lasting, age defying results.  

Vitabrid C, the main component of Vitabrid C¹² exchanges ions with perspiration (NaCl) from sweat glands, skin pores, surface skin wastes, and CO2 in the air and helps Vitamin C absorption by the skin.


3 technologies that allow Vitabrid C
to deliver pure Vitamin C


in as little as 2 weeks

Its safety has been approved internationally.

Vitabrid C is listed in the ICID as a safe ingredient. All five tests conducted by the KTR have been passed (acute toxicity, skin irritation, ingestion, eye contact, cytotoxicity tests).